I have tried to stay consistent with the types of posts I have made.  I have tried to make posts that take everyday things that many take for granted; from hybrid cars, air travel, or what powers the electricity that comes into your home.

This is the first step in trying to change the consumer habits of society; change the way they perceive climate change by changing their habits.

I plan on trying to continue this, whether it be here or on my personal blog ( … I would like to change people’s perspective of the common myths associated with environmental issues.

Happy blogging and ALWAYS do your own research, NEVER believe something someone says without validating their sources or sourcing yourself 😉


I’m Asher Hudson and looking forward to ‘gradgimicating’ in May w/ a Major in Journalism and minors in Global Studies and Film Studies.

Soooo … the environment.  I use it, abuse it, save it, and cherish it.

Some of my posts you probably will not agree with.  As complex as the environment is, as are my views regarding it. I take a statistical and practical look towards environmental issues and their solutions.  I am not the type of person that decides that a policy is good because of what it theoretically accomplishes, but what they achieve practically.  I do not believe in passing policy because it sounds like a “good idea.”

I believe that we should preserve what we have, better ruined and destroyed areas, make companies responsible for minimizing environmental impact.  Before some of you jump to conclusions about “what side of the aisle” I lean towards, let me say that I consider myself independent in thought and action.

I look forward to posting regarding issues, that perhaps not a lot of people have thought about or have not delved deeper into.

     My name is Abby Tackett. I am a senior at MTSU and majoring in Electronic Media Journalism.

     I believe this topic is so important because this is the place we live in. It’s our world. Our environment. Our children’s world and environment. All the things that we do to our planet today is going to have an effect on the world that our future lives in. I think all of these issues need to be discussed and how to raise environmental awareness so that our world will be a safe and happy place for many years to come. And that is exactly what we plan to do.

Hello fellow seekers of global consciousness! I am Ashira Alpren, a senior majoring in Global Studies and Minoring in Music Business.

I can't fully explain in one blog post how important the environment is to my life as a whole. What I can tell you is that we chose this topic because it is something for everyone! While I am the group member who travels and learns about new environmental happenings first-hand, both Bridgette and Abby who are journalism majors know all aspects of the experiences I have had in relation to the media, which I am excited to learn more about.  My hopes for this blog are that we not only spread environmental awareness and expand our own, but that we bridge the gap between global and local and understand that we can all make a difference.

My name is Bridgette Potts. I am a senior majoring in Broadcast Journalism.

I am passionate about our topic, Environmental Issues and Awareness. I think a lot of people take the earth for granted and carelessly damage it. There are also many people who work hard to preserve nature’s natural beauty and inform about the harm we cause.

Both should be discussed, and that’s what we intend to do!