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I’m Asher Hudson and looking forward to ‘gradgimicating’ in May w/ a Major in Journalism and minors in Global Studies and Film Studies.

Soooo … the environment.  I use it, abuse it, save it, and cherish it.

Some of my posts you probably will not agree with.  As complex as the environment is, as are my views regarding it. I take a statistical and practical look towards environmental issues and their solutions.  I am not the type of person that decides that a policy is good because of what it theoretically accomplishes, but what they achieve practically.  I do not believe in passing policy because it sounds like a “good idea.”

I believe that we should preserve what we have, better ruined and destroyed areas, make companies responsible for minimizing environmental impact.  Before some of you jump to conclusions about “what side of the aisle” I lean towards, let me say that I consider myself independent in thought and action.

I look forward to posting regarding issues, that perhaps not a lot of people have thought about or have not delved deeper into.