Bridgette’s Conclusion

I have gone in many different directions when it comes to exploring the many relationships between mass media and the environment. It seems that the connections between the two grow more and more as technology becomes more advanced and environmental damages become more of a concern.

Celebrities speak out to younger generations to spread awareness of environmental problems:

Groups all over the world are organizing huge movements to help:

Animals and plants are directly affected by our damage to the environment like I talked about in my post about the M&M factory and the bees:

And one of my favorite subjects in relation to media and environment: the movies that inform and entertain (pictured below: “The Lorax”):

I think that the environmental issues that seem to keep getting worse are only going to increase as time goes by. However, the fact that the power of the media seems to be increasing at an equally fast rate is encouraging and sheds some light on a dark, sometimes hopeless-feeling situation for our beautiful Earth. Media has a power unlike anything else… the power to reach people and spread news and awareness on subjects that are crucial to our survival.

By:Bridgette Potts


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