The Conclusion!

I have focused on poaching and how it affects the environment in my blogs. I have tried to hit some continents that have the biggest problems with poachers and how or even if it covered in the media. My research found that it ranged from place to place. Some places would have journalists who would go out and inform the public but others it was hard to find anything. I believe this is parallel to how severe the country takes poaching. People in Asia hear about this a lot more than U.S citizens just because the Asian government has cracked down on poaching, unlike the United States.

Our world is made up of water, food and shelter. Our environment naturally give us this. These resources are REQUIRED for any species to survive and reproduce. We are someway all connected and we must have a clean, healthy and productive environment to thrive and live in.

However, poaching is one of the major reasons why OUR lives are being put at risk. Poaching not only kills wildlife but our environment. We have rules, regulations and seasons for legal hunting. This ensures that there are no overpopulation of a specific animal. However, almost the same amount of animals are killed illegally. If a mother is killed, her children will starve and cause a huge circle of unnecessary deaths.

Many of these that are poached are already endangered and they are slaughtered for their body parts so they can make medicine, ornaments, clothes, etc. Then some are only killed for fun. But most are killed cause its money. There are many black markets who will buy these animal parts and pay A LOT of money for them. It was reported that over 7,000 animals are sold online and estimated that $3.8 million is spent on illegal trade.


There are many organizations and people throughout the world who make it their top priority to stop poaching, but what can the media do? As journalists, we have a responsibility to the public to bring such issues, like poaching, and the problems they create, like harming the environment, to their attention. We should write about it in newspapers, magazines, books and blogs. We should broadcast it and make videos and films about it.

This is a serious problem and if it isn’t put to a stop, our environment will start to suffer drastically.


By: Abigail Tackett


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