Plenty More Fish in the Sea

One huge issue that’s being discussed in our country right now (always really, but more now with the election), is that of resources we use in our everyday life like gas and oil. We need these resources and they are limited… and destructive to our environment when we extract them from the ground they came from, and spill it into the sea… there’s a reason it wasn’t put there in the first place.
So why do we keep taking and taking what is impossible to give back? Because the world revolves around us and our needs, obviously.

We spend all of this time arguing about where we should and shouldn’t drill for oil, when the truth is WE SHOULDN’T BE DRILLING ANYWHERE! But unfortunately we’ve created a world that revolves around these resources which would cease to function if we ran out of them.

So, what’s the right thing to do? Think of  other options. What are our other options? Stop taking from what we know is going to run out so soon and let the earth catch back up.

The ocean is full of so many resources we could find new ways to use, like cobalt, copper, nickel and maganese.  We could stop taking oil from the ground to run our cars, boats, motorcycles, you name it. So much of the ocean is unexplored. The oceans account for 70% of the world surface and 60% of the floor of the ocean lies deeper than 2000 meters. The possibilities are endless, there are so many minerals in all this ocean… and we can find a way to use them for the things we so desperately “need”. It’s time to get creative here.

By: Bridgette Potts


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