Not So Sweet For the Environment

Who are these guys?:

They’re M&M’s of course! You know that, I know that, and the majority of the rest of the human population knows that. The muti-billion dollar corporation has been advertising to you since you were a baby, and they have ingrained their M&M logo into your brain permanently.

America is a a country made up of brands, logos, and corporations. It’s part of our culture (unfortunately). But how does this way of life affect the earth which we build all these corporate offices on? In too many ways to ever cover in one sitting. One particular instance is going on right now in France.

Many beekeepers in France found this in their hives one morning and wondered what could possibly have caused the abnormal coloration of the honey. It turns out that these bees had been attracted to the bright colors of M&M shell remnants being thrown out at a nearby M&M production plant. They were feeding on this factory waste instead of flower nectar, producing multi-colored honey.

For a country that produces a thousand tons of honey a year, this is bad news for many people that depend on honey production to make a living. The honey is unsellable because did not meet France’s standards of honey production: It was not obtained from the nectar of plants and it deviates from the standard coloring of honey.

The M&M factory cleaned up their mess, but it’s not that easy of a cleanup for the bees and the beekeepers. You’re welcome, bees. Humans strike again.

By: Bridgette Potts


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