What can you do to be Green?

My posts throughout this blog thus far have focused on our impact on the environment around us.  Our horrible ranking on the Environmental Performance Index as a nation, how media can in fact aid in the environmental consciousness of a country, and how the outcome of the Presidential election can and will effect our environment.  What I haven’t done is explained how we can aid in helping the environment on our own.  Do you know what a Carbon Footprint is?  

Wikipedia defines it as:

“A carbon footprint has historically been defined as “the total set of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions caused by an organization, event, product or person.””

What is your carbon footprint? Below you can use nature.org to find yours.



After you do this read this article and understand how you can reduce your carbon footprint in 15 easy ways!!


It is important above all, work towards becoming a Global Citizen.  Which is what?:


Global Citizenship Definition

A Global Citizen is someone who:

  • is aware of the wider world and has a sense of his or her own role as a world citizen
  • respects and values diversity
  • has an understanding of how the world works
  • is troubled by social injustice
  • participates in the community at a range of levels, from the local to the global
  • is willing to act to make the world a more equitable and sustainable place
  • takes responsibility for her or his actions
  • feels an ethical responsibility to others around the globe

Found on http://www.pace.edu/office-student-success/global-citizenship/definition



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