Environmental Mass Media: Which President will Help our Environment?

With the Presidential Election coming up it is very important to bring to focus that not only will our elected President oversee our nation, but they will in fact oversee what further becomes of our environment.  This post is in no way here to sway your vote but I do hope that it causes you to think of the impact our future president will have on the future of the development of our world consciousness as a whole.

Pictured above: Florida Everglades: Obama plans to make the restoration of these of national importance

In Matt Mcdermott’s article he labels the candidates as follows:

Stein = Dark Green, Obama = Greenish with Brown Spots, Romney = Dark Brown”

You can understand these relations in reference to the term I have used frequently “Green.”

It would be wise to read the article fully and you can find it here:


If I am to be general, it is no secret that Obama and Romney are now the clear competition for the final debate of our future president.  In this case Obama would be the more “green” candidate.

Here is a video of Bill Clinton backing up Obama’s Clean Energy Policies:

What better example can you find of Environmental Issues in Mass Media?  Which candidate is better for the future of your environment? Choose wisely.



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