We May Be Onto Something…

One of the sad truths of our generation is that the majority of us are less concerned with glaciers melting in the Arctic due to our harmful ways of life, and more concerned with whether hottie Ryan Gosling wears boxers or briefs.

But there’s one group of people that has combined the two sides in order to promote environmental awareness.

The Environmental Media Association has figured out an effective way to get the youth’s attention focused on environmental issues. They are a group that utilizes celebrities and the amazing power they have to promote environmentally conscious products and decisions.

Celebrities like Nicole Richie, Justin Timberlake, Amy Smart, Lance Bass, and so many more familiar names are members of EMA and they promote the importance of living a “green” lifestyle. The EMA Awards are held every year to recognize efforts of people planting gardens and trees or installing solar power in homes.

Here, Cameron Diaz and Gweneth Paltrow promote “greenness’:

The influence that celebrities have on the youth of America is astounding. When saying “Go green” isn’t enough, just get Justin Timberlake to say it.

By: Bridgette Potts


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