Media Rules, So Does the Environment

In my previous post I compared the United States and Costa Rica in hopes to exemplify why Costa Rica’s environmentally conscious population produces a better ranking on the EPI than the United States.  Much of this can also be attributed to the amount of importance placed on environmental sustainability by surrounding media.  Without constant reinforcement by the media, which we rely on on for information, environmental sustainability becomes last weeks news.  The article below is a great example of how China transformed their Media in attempts to aid their environmental issues and further the bettering of the world around them.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

“Greater media attention, effective government initiatives and increased affluence have contributed immensely to environmental awareness in China. Sustainable growth is no longer everyone’s responsibility but our own.”

I encourage you to read this article and get inspired to enhance our global environmental consciousness.  I plan to speak in my next post of ways we can all contribute to being more environmentally conscious.


Till next time,



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