The Media and Global Warming

Everybody has heard about global warming. We’ve been hearing about it for years and years. But why is there so much controversy surrounding the issue? It’s all the media.

First of all, global warming is obviously happening. Whether the cause is human-related or just happens naturally, the earth’s temperature is increasing and causing problems. So why does the media feel the need to create sides and point fingers as to whose fault it is? Because that gets people to listen to them. We want to take sides on anything we can because people like to have opinions, whether their information is accurate or Joe Shmoe down the street gave them their information.

What also fuels the argumentative rage is the movie “An Inconventient Truth”. This is a documentary starring Al Gore, a candidate in the presidential race of 2000. The movie was made only six years after Gore ran for president. Obviously half of the country already hates you, (whether they have a reason to or not… yet another social phenomenon fueled by the media) so people are automatically going to assume your information is biased and goal oriented.

Even searching online for accurate information about global warming… I couldn’t find anything that I could prove to be accurate. The media has gotten people up in arms about whether or not we are destroying the earth… we keep watching, and they keep getting paid.

By: Bridgette Potts


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