Oil Drilling in the Arctic

Greenpeace is an organization dedicated to protecting the environment. They start campaigns and petitions to protect the oceans, forests and various wildlife around the world.

When Greenpeace heard about oil spilling into the Gulf of Mexico and the coast of Greenland in 2010 from oil companies mining oil for gasoline, they began their drilling prevention campaign to stop it.

This video shows Greenpeace advertising themselves around the world in some very original, creative ways.

They even strapped themselves to giant oil rigs in Greenland and Russia in order to get attention to stop Shell from drilling there. They call it “one of the defining environmental battles of our age”.

The Arctic holds a fourth of the world’s undiscovered oil and gas reserves. So it’s no wonder that companies want to drill there and utilize those resources. But this causes oil spills into the ocean which damages wildlife and marine ecosystems.

Greenpeaces uses the media in many ways to advertise themselves and get their message out to the world, such as in the video above. Also, since June, 1.6 million people signed the online petition to make Arctic drilling illegal in most areas.

Greenpeace is an organization with great goals, and the issues they cover are issues that many people are also concerned about. They’re very successful in getting people involved in their projects because they really utilize the internet to advertise themselves.

By: Bridgette Potts


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