INTRODUCTION Into the Issue of Poaching

    We don’t see much in the media here in the      United States about poaching. I’m sure the problem exists here and that it is simply just not covered. In my next few blogs I plan on researching and going into detail about how poaching is covered in the mass media not only here but around the world, but in my first blog I just want to touch base and define poaching and how it affects the environment.

    Poaching is defined as the illegal hunting and harvesting of wild game. The impact of poaching can be felt in the environment in many different ways. Hunting is regulated to maintain balance and only a certain number of animals are allowed to be taken out. Historically, hunting has played an important role in leadership, community formation, language development and tool use. Today we use hunting for food, hobbies and entertainment. With poaching, animal products, such as hide, ivory, horns, teeth and bone are sold to dealers who make clothes, jewelry and other materials. Poachers usually kill animals only for one product: tigers are killed for their fur, elephants for their ivory tusks and rhinos for their horns. The bodies are left to rot.

So what does elephants and tigers have to do with our environment? Poaching decreases the animal populations and drive many species into endangerment and extinction. Therefore other carnivores in the environment are left to find alternatives or starve to death. Some of those animals have left their local habitat and traveled elsewhere to find food and have been killed as pests or encroaching on city and farmland. Then those animals become extinct and the cycle just goes on.. and on.. and on.

By: Abigail Tackett


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